I would like to inform you that this error occurs because the you have
hit the Allow List limit of 600 users. You may encounter this error in
three scenarios:

Try to add contacts to your contact list.
Try to unblock users on your contact list.
Try to move users from the 'My Block List' to the 'My Allow List'.

You will not be able to add contacts to your allow list, until you
delete existing contacts from the list. Every time you log in, you may
be prompted to add these contacts again.

To temporarily resolve this issue, you can add contacts to your allow
list, by deleting other contacts already available on the list. To do

On the Messenger window, choose Tools, Options and Privacy.
Select a user you no longer want on your Allow List, by selecting
him/her from 'My Allow List'.
Right click and if the option exists, choose Delete. If the "Delete"
option is not available, this step will not work for you.

You may run into this scenario again as they exceed their Allow list
limit again and will need to repeat the above steps to again temporarily
resolve the issue.

However, MSN is aware of this limitation and are working on a permanent
resolution to this issue.

Thank you for your patience and kind co-operation.

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